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Dec 30, 2012

Lilia/Mitsuyuki's Fashion Album 2012

Writing this last post for 2012 before 1/1/2013 and 1st everyone an early greetings 
HAPPY NEW YEAR! towards 2013!
Well off for some Fashion that i made for Lilia/Mitsuyuki's this year n am still a noob in sewing which also started this year as well so let's get down to the show...
1st of rolling back to her stock clothes which is origin of Black Raven II outfit. 

Dec 24, 2012

Saber Lion & Nyruko nendo Photo session

Continuing for the post "One Lion with a Nyaa-do Review" comes the Photo session of the reviewed nendo's and enjoy the photo's below...

1st off with Nyaruko... 

One LION with a Nyaa-do Review

A special X'mas review with a Lion with a Nyaa-do is about to start let's see whats up with Madoka-chan!

Dec 20, 2012

Mitsuyuki と Sabar in Meido version

Mitsuyuki と Saber this time changes into meido outfits and joining in the part of  Meido Cafe-san doll booth @ EOY, while it's they're after shift Slmka and i was pull to make a debut for these two cuties below...

Here's Mitsuyuki! in her Kimono maid outfit ^~^~

Dec 17, 2012

AFA12 After event (Doll Outing)

Let's rewind the time back after AFA12 which Yu-chan and her papa gives a surprise treat of a special after event doll outing and heading down to photos...

Starting with this playful one @ Marina Barrage....

Dec 16, 2012

EOY (Cosplayers & Itashas)

Was in this Awesome EOY event at Marina Barrage this post mainly covers some Cosplayers and Itashas as well right below...

staring off 1st cosplayer with Vita from Nanoha A's/Strikers!

Mitsuyuki と Sabar in X'mas

It's yet another double shoots of these two again this time they hit into the streets of X'mas and their papa well... so 1st off on the 1st day shoot we have Sabar from Slmka trying to teach us how to tame a raccoon... eh?...  

Nov 27, 2012

Kato Marika Nendo Review

Have u ever seen the awesome action pack of  モーレツ宇宙海賊(パイレーツ)(Moretsu Pirates) known as Bodacious Space Pirates before?(if not faster go watch! Info is HERE...XP) well if u do here are some review photo's and introduction by Madoka-chan!

Right Here!

Madoka: Yoho! Madoka here from the TZW studio will be introducing u... 

Inori Figma review

Yet another review this time on Inori figma from the series Guilty Crown! and back to the same place again on the spot...

Here's she is Inori Yuzuriha which is about to sing...

Nov 26, 2012

BRS NendoXFigma review

It's back to reviews again after this years mian event AFA12 well as all well known BRS "Black Rock Shooter" has came out 8 episode TV animation with it's popularity few months back and now GSC has released its Nendo as well as Figma so let's go see it below...

1st off some BRS nendo TV animeation ver.

Nov 21, 2012

CJN Night

CJN known as Culture Japan Night was held in Kallang theater with bosses like GSC(GoodSmile), Nitroplus and off cause never the less Yukino's booth makes it's appearance as well right below...

Oh what do we have here... 
Mmmm.... OH a Masked Moe kana man!! XD

Nov 20, 2012

Lilia ---> Mitsuyuki solo shoot

Well as planned to change Lilia's name for quite soemtime now and decided to change it to Mitsuyuki -蜜雪 and well she have sometime off to do yet another solo shoot in her causal outfit just below...

AFA day2 - Making the LAST of the BEST!

As last day of AFA12 kicks in and Yukino's booth gets more attractive to Making the LAST of the BEST so me less taking and let's get down to it...

ME: Mitsuyuki can you take over papa's post?...
Mitsuyuki: OK!... ^^

Yoroshiko everyone i'm Mitsuyuki and also Madoka's big sister... 
will now take over this post hehe...XP

1st off in the morning Yukino nee-san with her Doll News Channel infront of SAO booth!... ^^

Nov 15, 2012

AFA day1 - The Awesomeness Begins!

While all props and all needed stuffs are assembled it's time for The Awesomeness Begins! 
starting it right below...

Nov 14, 2012

AFA day0 - Fujiwara Yukino Booth Setup

Was in the AFA day 0 event last week and it's also my 1st time with madoka-chan (while her BIG sis is in prepare...) being in a setup with the folks at the 
Fujiwara Yukino's booth and...
well some awesome photo's right at your nose...
Front hall of AFA12 at Singapore Expo Hall7

Nov 10, 2012

Retro Striker (Project EXS)

...After the months... of planning and building this unit was yet as awesome as it's time to make things ALIVE! XD   

Nov 9, 2012


Sudden ideas is making... well some may seen this outfit already and yes it's RED y? 
cause it's one of my crazy ideas... Again! XP

Oct 29, 2012

Halloween Meetups

It's been long... XP to post again and with the upcoming AFA12 will appears around in few weeks time, while preparing for the "Final"(which "Something" will be shown in AFA12 only @ A27..) me decided to take Madoka and off cause her Sister Lilia(and will be changing her name soon...) to yet another meetup at Fort Caning Park just ∇

Sep 27, 2012

Sunsets with...

Was a good day to take some sunsets near the harbor where it feels nice and warming but there are "two" that follows me to have more fun than warm just below... 

Sep 24, 2012

Moon Fest Meetup

After a long journey towards the Garden by the Bay Madoka has been summoned by... XP
ok well last Saturday was yet awesome shoots from nendo to as well as a meet up at moon fest in Clarke Quay just below...

MiuXSakura previews

Well something just drop on my tables as usual n just take them all out as usual! XD
Alright below we have Nendo Miu and Sakura in Gardens by the Bay to make your day!

Madoka's 3rd Solo @ Gardens by the Bay

Was yet another clear day to make some previews on two latest nendo which will make a post soon  as well as a meet up for Moon Fest... but 1st let's see what this little one is up to... ^^

Sep 2, 2012

Tony Luka

Tony Luka which was arrived last week and have not been able to make her review due to Lack of Transportation... XP 
and well she's about to start the show...  

Aug 26, 2012

Dollfie Dream Network @ SG meet up

Was in ACME just yesterday and where it's set for Dollfie Dream Network @ SG meet up so both sisters Lilia and Madoka was very anxious to go to make some new friends below...

as usual Lilia was the fastest to prepare while Madoka was waiting for me with her yukata...

Natsu Matsuri

Manage to went to this years Natsu Matsuri event which i missed one in last year so this time round bring both daughters to relax and enjoy just below...

Beginning of the Matsuri...

Aug 20, 2012

Phantasmoon and Irisvel review

A review of  Figma Phantasmoon and Irisvel and here they are... 

1st right off the bats Phantasmoon Arcueid

Aug 13, 2012

Inori Nendo

Hrer's my latest Nendo collection Inori which i put her into action and below Funell says hi...   

Aug 5, 2012

Lilia's concert

Well let's image your own daughters singing in a concert like mine which looks like a vocaloid right below...

Aug 2, 2012

Kudo's Outing

Was in this white building last weekend a taken some kudo-chan which i haven't been taking her out for quite sometime an here are some photo's of her...

Miku's comrade

Was in the Gardens by the Bay few weeks ago and me brought Miku Cheerful version along but then she run wild and went missing and look what she found...

Jul 16, 2012

Project Katana

Finally this is one of the projects and the project katana as known as Danny choo's designed Millennium Blade has been completed and went for it's 1st test too and here are some test results...

Testing on Standby mode...

Lilia と Saber +

Went to this beautiful event last saturday called the Singapore Garden Festival held in Suntec and yes it is decided to take Lilia along this time round... ^^

ME: Lilia get to change and we are going somewhere
Lilia: ??? -_-zzz *sleepy lilia looks his Odo-san*
ME: don't sleep anymore we are gonna be late for breakfast... and your sister is ready before you...
Lilia: Nyaa~ *Suddenly zooms very fast like a ninja*

Jul 8, 2012


This would be the last post photo's from Tanjong Pagar Railway, so while resting madoka decided to do some poses with my friends zx scaled figure Kamineko!

Kamineko dazzling in the station...

Jul 5, 2012

Madoka's 2nd Solo Shoot

Zooming back to the same place @ the Railway Station with one OVERKILL and one backup battery  it's time for yet another to do a 2nd solo shoot for my daughter... 
First of with some playful hiding... 

Railway stories

The Old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station which was close down 1 year ago and after 1 year it finally re-open as for it's 1st anniversary *same as Mia's Birthday* and my madoka was so excited as it's her 1st time seeing a railway which makes me OVERKILL one battery and OVER took about 600+ photo's... XD

alright i'll let the photo's do the talking... ^^

Jul 3, 2012


Decided to let loose Kyuubei a bit since he was lock away for long and he's ready for some contracts below...

MiaXMadoka 3 (Mia's Birthday specials)

Well Continuing from what happens from "New Camera for Madoka" comes yet again  MiaXMadoka 3 this time is someone's Birthday Party just kicking in below! 

New Camera for madoka

Recently just got a new Pentax cam for my madoka and she's really enjoying it just below ...

Jun 29, 2012

The Skypark

Once again another outing bring my daughter madoka but this time she goes on a 57th story high Skypark at Marina Bay Sand's here are some shoots from the high...

got my ticket for $20 SGD where madoka admission is not needed...=_=

Jun 23, 2012

Madoka's nature discovery

This was wee back to few weeks ago in Botanical Garden which i also took my 1st daughter to enjoy the nature over and look what she discover...
madoka looks around her surroundings.

Playful Lilia

Well as Instagram is quite addictive to us these days and now even my daughter here wants to play around with my new Galaxy S2...

Jun 21, 2012


One day in Singapore there is a strange life form found and now is about to land...

Jun 20, 2012

Styling Lilia's hair

While making some progress on the last Madoka's hair style time to style my Lilia's hair too and it turns out quite good looking however me still needs more lesson on this... XD

Here's a Pony tail style...

Jun 16, 2012

Madoka's 1st Solo Shoot

A wonderful and hot saturday afternoon which makes it prefect for a shoots... 

Popular Popura!!

Popular Popura which was collected few days ago and now having a outdoor shoot so it's 
Time for Working!! (Enjoy~ XD)

Jun 10, 2012

Lilia's 1st Shoot

Lilia's long waited photo shoots is here around in my house and she's excited on her 1st photo shoot just right below...  

Jun 9, 2012


Petit nendos/ Nendos are the best to blend with nature in making many nice scenery just like this right below...   

Scaled Nature

Another part of the photo loots from the Botanical Gardens characters in the photo's are my friend's 1/8 Kirino Maid Ver., Kanade & Uiharu lastly for mine 1/8 Lightning...


Some photo loots from yesterday @ Botanical Gardens and need to break them a part to post by then i'll let the photo's do the talking... ^~^v