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Apr 4, 2012

Petits Overload!

As from the post Cutie Petits comes with Petits Overload! this time as a promised post for the Mahou Shoujo uniform groups from Madoka and they are over the place below..

1st group with Sayaka-chan and Mami-chan lazing around in a flower pot.


2nd group Madoka and Homura-chans

Homura:One more step closer to madoka i'll make sure you fly! (with a scary face...)
Me: So...sorry... Homura-chan i...i'll just step back a little...-_-|||

3rd group with is Kyoko-chan she looks lonely a bit...

Kyoko: What are looking at?! want some of this huh?!
(because she doesn't have a group and feel a bit depressed)
Me: um... -_-|||

Last Group off cause i cant forget the most nicest among all the Madoka Ultimate! ^^v 

looks very nice feel of blending her into the nature.

now did you know she likes to fly around faster then i thought and she's there protecting a neko-chan while this neko just woke up...=_=
Neko-chan: eh?~ =.=|

Like i mention earlier blending her in the nature looks perfectly gorgeous ! ^^

 Alright that's all folks this are all the Petits Overload!^^v
Photo's taken in a pretty cutie shots by Lumix LX5   


  1. Kyoko first shoot have a nice blending with the background also =)

  2. Mmm yupp cause i feel that kyoko-chan she is suit more towards like walls and back ally's background so i find this spot at my house stair ways to shoot it. ^^ v