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Nov 27, 2012

Kato Marika Nendo Review

Have u ever seen the awesome action pack of  モーレツ宇宙海賊(パイレーツ)(Moretsu Pirates) known as Bodacious Space Pirates before?(if not faster go watch! Info is HERE...XP) well if u do here are some review photo's and introduction by Madoka-chan!

Right Here!

Madoka: Yoho! Madoka here from the TZW studio will be introducing u... 

Inori Figma review

Yet another review this time on Inori figma from the series Guilty Crown! and back to the same place again on the spot...

Here's she is Inori Yuzuriha which is about to sing...

Nov 26, 2012

BRS NendoXFigma review

It's back to reviews again after this years mian event AFA12 well as all well known BRS "Black Rock Shooter" has came out 8 episode TV animation with it's popularity few months back and now GSC has released its Nendo as well as Figma so let's go see it below...

1st off some BRS nendo TV animeation ver.

Nov 21, 2012

CJN Night

CJN known as Culture Japan Night was held in Kallang theater with bosses like GSC(GoodSmile), Nitroplus and off cause never the less Yukino's booth makes it's appearance as well right below...

Oh what do we have here... 
Mmmm.... OH a Masked Moe kana man!! XD

Nov 20, 2012

Lilia ---> Mitsuyuki solo shoot

Well as planned to change Lilia's name for quite soemtime now and decided to change it to Mitsuyuki -蜜雪 and well she have sometime off to do yet another solo shoot in her causal outfit just below...

AFA day2 - Making the LAST of the BEST!

As last day of AFA12 kicks in and Yukino's booth gets more attractive to Making the LAST of the BEST so me less taking and let's get down to it...

ME: Mitsuyuki can you take over papa's post?...
Mitsuyuki: OK!... ^^

Yoroshiko everyone i'm Mitsuyuki and also Madoka's big sister... 
will now take over this post hehe...XP

1st off in the morning Yukino nee-san with her Doll News Channel infront of SAO booth!... ^^

Nov 15, 2012

AFA day1 - The Awesomeness Begins!

While all props and all needed stuffs are assembled it's time for The Awesomeness Begins! 
starting it right below...

Nov 14, 2012

AFA day0 - Fujiwara Yukino Booth Setup

Was in the AFA day 0 event last week and it's also my 1st time with madoka-chan (while her BIG sis is in prepare...) being in a setup with the folks at the 
Fujiwara Yukino's booth and...
well some awesome photo's right at your nose...
Front hall of AFA12 at Singapore Expo Hall7

Nov 10, 2012

Retro Striker (Project EXS)

...After the months... of planning and building this unit was yet as awesome as it's time to make things ALIVE! XD   

Nov 9, 2012


Sudden ideas is making... well some may seen this outfit already and yes it's RED y? 
cause it's one of my crazy ideas... Again! XP