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Dec 30, 2012

Lilia/Mitsuyuki's Fashion Album 2012

Writing this last post for 2012 before 1/1/2013 and 1st everyone an early greetings 
HAPPY NEW YEAR! towards 2013!
Well off for some Fashion that i made for Lilia/Mitsuyuki's this year n am still a noob in sewing which also started this year as well so let's get down to the show...
1st of rolling back to her stock clothes which is origin of Black Raven II outfit. 

Dec 24, 2012

Saber Lion & Nyruko nendo Photo session

Continuing for the post "One Lion with a Nyaa-do Review" comes the Photo session of the reviewed nendo's and enjoy the photo's below...

1st off with Nyaruko... 

One LION with a Nyaa-do Review

A special X'mas review with a Lion with a Nyaa-do is about to start let's see whats up with Madoka-chan!

Dec 20, 2012

Mitsuyuki と Sabar in Meido version

Mitsuyuki と Saber this time changes into meido outfits and joining in the part of  Meido Cafe-san doll booth @ EOY, while it's they're after shift Slmka and i was pull to make a debut for these two cuties below...

Here's Mitsuyuki! in her Kimono maid outfit ^~^~

Dec 17, 2012

AFA12 After event (Doll Outing)

Let's rewind the time back after AFA12 which Yu-chan and her papa gives a surprise treat of a special after event doll outing and heading down to photos...

Starting with this playful one @ Marina Barrage....

Dec 16, 2012

EOY (Cosplayers & Itashas)

Was in this Awesome EOY event at Marina Barrage this post mainly covers some Cosplayers and Itashas as well right below...

staring off 1st cosplayer with Vita from Nanoha A's/Strikers!

Mitsuyuki と Sabar in X'mas

It's yet another double shoots of these two again this time they hit into the streets of X'mas and their papa well... so 1st off on the 1st day shoot we have Sabar from Slmka trying to teach us how to tame a raccoon... eh?...