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Apr 26, 2012

Yune's Outing with... You Guess!

Once more a beautiful day for Yune to go out and play with... this time you guess just right below! XD
Qn 1: First off we have ____ Wedding Version. You Guess!

Yune's Outing with M&M

Just got Nendoroid Yune and together with Cheerful Miku Nendoroid Petit photo's taken on the spot few weekends ago and also with the delayed post on Nendoroid Miku append version...=_=

Cheerful miku freshly out from the box this petit nendo is a free gift by this book Pixiv Vol.8... 

Bright Lightning

Being delaying quite long enough to post this Scaled figure collected since in February this year (due to Figure Stand not included so me have to dig some Obitsu Stand from AmiAmi costs about 248 Yen) from Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning by Play arts Action figure 'Kai' and here are some outing shoots just below.
Miku comes out and says Hello...

Apr 17, 2012

Mia X Madoka Double Shoots 2

Teleporting back through time where i posted and happened with in Nendo Party!~ and Nendo Party!!~ comes again with Mia(Loke's daughter) and Madoka which was featured in last few posts Mia X Madoka Double Shoots making a group shoots 2 just below...

Zooming back to the same place @ Vivocity...

POP Sanji Sail again ver.

This lovely gentleman Sanji from One Piece which is one hell of a leg kicker was collected last week and here are some photo's to share with all just right below...

Apr 9, 2012

Nendo Party!!~

Previously on Nendo Party!~ Kudo-chan was tamed by Kyubei so will she accept the contract?... let's take a look... XD

Apr 7, 2012

Nendo Party!~

Yet in Vivocity which is one of the singapore's cruise ship docks located in harbourfront along with friends and some Petits + Nendo's out for a party just right below!

kick off in our lunch time with Petits solo party and here is Yui! from Angel beats wearing glasses?... in Pizza... hut?... on a plate?... XD

Apr 5, 2012

Mia X Madoka Double Shoots

Was yet a fun day @ Esplanade sky garden (Singapore) with Loke's  daughter Mia-chan and it's my daughter Madoka's 1st and most gorgeous group shoots which are just right below...

wOrkTAKU mass cleaning

Recently my wOrkTAKU space has been invaded by some annoying alien pests (red ants) and to prevent it from escalate to even worse situation that will bring harm to my hardware's & figures too here are some after cleaning process below...
the figure display self looks cleaner and whiter then before while image is was invaded by alien pests from some ABC planet... XD

Apr 4, 2012

Petits Overload!

As from the post Cutie Petits comes with Petits Overload! this time as a promised post for the Mahou Shoujo uniform groups from Madoka and they are over the place below..

1st group with Sayaka-chan and Mami-chan lazing around in a flower pot.

Apr 2, 2012

Re-new & opening

From Today 2 April 2012 i'm gladly to announce my Blog has been officially re-new & opened which has also been renamed as Kazuki's Blog!