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Apr 23, 2013

Mirai + Sonico Nendo review

Nendo Reviews is also back again this time round with Mirai & Sonico Nendos... ok so Ma-chan i'll hand the reviews over to you...
Ma-chan: OK!

Apr 22, 2013

MadokaXKuroyukihime Double Shoots3

Alright it's been awhile... ehem.. well from the series of MadokaXMia double shoot comes the 3rd as to make things come true for a certain comrades pureneemo mmm.. "school outfit" sounds familiar... right Ma-chan?
Ma-chan: yup and everything starts right below...

coming in to hort park with a sunny afternoons and... 

Apr 10, 2013

Project Pic - Mascot Hikari

Well it's a long long project since started digital design in 2002 and when hits into 2007 after seeing some animes like "Sola" which encourages myself to pick up digital art and now am still learning as like pic below... -_-||..  ^^v
Hikari mascot project is now completed! >< b