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Aug 27, 2013

MadokaXMarisa & Mitsuyuki と Megumi (Penang trip specials)

Mitsuyuki: Time to share some new friends that we met recently in papa's trip to penang right Onee-san?
Madoka: yup! and Let's get it on!!

Madoka: right up is me and here is Marisa the 1st meet on the

Aug 26, 2013

VIvidWhite (Project EXS)

Hikari: Project EXS which papa have been making like custom suit Retro Striker , now yet another custom suit which is coming to it's complete "Vividwhite"... 

as posted in our page is what u will see below... ^^

DIY neemo Base Stand

Hikari: As mention in our page will be reviewing something so let's get down to "What's this?"