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Aug 28, 2016

Hikari-chans Birthday specials

And so it's already 1 year ago we were here.. 
but 1 year after we decided to come back again in the same spot and location and this time round no cakes but putting it simple as 28/8/16 at this point of time is Hi-chans Birthday!

Getting down to the venue below...

We actually went back to the same gate back then when her 1st year birthday as the comparison...

(taken in 2014)

(taken in this year 2016)

Before we go into more of the photo's let's us share with you a little history of Hikari's character design, as the 1st draft was done(born) back in 28/08/2009 which we decided that this date would be her birthday and back then she was at 1st not red hair and anzu eyes till within 2012 we've decided to change the way it looks making her more bright facial, energetic looks and as what she is now.

Next we sorted a chart(with a bonus work that we are working on for 2017) of the artworks/designs of Morishima Hikari throughout the years.

And back to the photo's time... enjoy..

First off Hikari's new summer outfit!

well we didnt say hikari-chan is alone cause Mi-chan is joining in as well....

And of cause Friends joins in... 


at the end of the day group shoot with all the folks is never to be missed an..

Many thanks to the invited folks that joined us for this photo shoot!!...

Before we sign out..lastly thanks to one more comrade for the jacket as a great present!...

Hikari-chan: See U in the Next POST!!!

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